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NCYC & Youth Group Fundraising Sign Up

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Upsala Heritage Days

There are three different sign ups here.
  1.  Food Stand in the Park - 9am - 6pm  The youth will work at this one.  There are three shifts.
  2.  Tractor Pull Food Stand - 4:30pm - 7:30pm  The youth can work at this one as well.  This is one shift.
  3.  Food Stand in the Park - 7 - 11pm  Only Adults will be working this one.  There are two shifts.
  4.  There are also a sign ups for set up and clean up.  Set up will be on Friday and Clean up will be on Sunday.
If too many people sign up for one shift and not enough for another, we may have to ask people to move around.

Registration full for Friday

Registration full for 12 - 3pm

Registration full for 9am - 12pm

Registration full for Tractor Pull

Registration full for 7 - 9pm

Schedule as of 8-6-19
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