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The Eucharist

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Eucharistic Revival                                         Jesus desires to heal. renew and unify the Church and the world.  How will He do it? By uniting us once again around the source and summit of our faith: The Holy Eucharist. To learn more, click on the image on the right.

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True Worship by Fr. Mike Schmitz Father                                                   Fr. Mike inspires and educates in this Lighthouse Talk about the highest form of worship-The Mass. Through this vibrant presentation, Fr. Mike makes sure that you will have a  deeper and more profound experience of the Mass. Sign-in to FORMED to watch.

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Need someone to talk to?  Visit Jesus in Adoration.

Adoration Schedule
St. Mary's                                            Weekly-Thursdays 12 - 9 pm            St. Edward's                                        First Fridays 12 - 9 pm
St. Francis                                          Second Tuesdays 7 am - 7 pm

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