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Assignments & Notes for Grades 7 - 10
All 7th-10th graders should have a Chosen book. If missing a book, please text Beth/Niki ASAP. 
All 7th & 8th graders should have Altaration lessons complete, if still missing a book, please text Beth/Niki ASAP.
All 9th & 10th graders should have You book. If missing one, please text Beth/Niki ASAP.

FOR January 20:

7th gr-Chosen lesson 4

8th gr-Chosen lesson 10

9th gr-You lesson 1

10th gr-You lesson 6

For February 3:

7th gr-Chosen lesson 5

8th gr-Chosen lesson 11

9th gr-You lesson 2

10th gr-You lesson 7

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